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Prolactin or Estrogen Build Up, How to Tell?


So my boy started his first cycle of
Once a week
Test E 400mg
Deca 300mg
We know its a heavy dose not interested in hearing anyones opinion on the dose for a first cycle. The question today is: today is week 4.5 and he just noticed his left nipple getting sensitive and hurting and getting attached to his shirt he claims. We thought maybe his nipple was lactating but we checked and theres no fluid yet. Theres no change in the physical appearance of his nipple either. Currently we are not running any AI or anything for prolactin. We are limited on funds so we only have Nova, Clomid and Arimadex on hand. Whats the best way to go about this situation moving forward?


Gotta take AI… Also, probably wanna make sure you have the funds and resources to do a cycle before you start it. You say “we are limited on funds”… Does that mean that you are speaking for your boy or you two are running the same cycle? I think you might wanna take time and do some research before you get into using gear. Looks to me like you are just setting yourself or “your boy” up to have leaky bitch tits. You need to research. Hopefully you take the advice constructively… But in the case that you feel like you are more knowledgeable and need to argue, please feel free to do so. I only say that because guys get on here asking for help and then get all defensive when they don’t get the feedback they want. My main advice is RESEARCH!


Yeah we knew going into this he was going to have issues with estrogen and/or progesterone. My question isnt so much a lack of education as it is experience. Im curious if there is a way to guage based on side effects if AI will be sufficient enough given the circumstances or should we already make the assumption at this point that prolactin needs to be adressed using something like cabergoline.


Start with using an appropriate dose of an AI. In addition, blood work is the only way to know for sure what is going on. You can guess all you want based from side effects alone but you are shooting in the dark. I say again, please inform “your boy” to begin using an AI.


You knew going in he would have a problem with estrogen. You have arimidex AND nolva on hand. And you didn’t use either?

Do you have a cognitive disability?


Ummm dude I think its a combo of a lack of education and absolutely zero experience…




Go get a blood test. TT, FT, SHGB, E2, prolactin HCT medicate based on numbers not guessing.
A lipid panel might not be a bad idea either since T drived LDL higher.


If his nipple milk is sour then .5 caber & anastrozle e0d should do the trick… If it tastes sweet and his moobs are plump and firm no worries… If his dick is limp nows time to steal his GF