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Pro Tan Comp Color & Jan Tana Comp Tan...


Fellow readers,

I've an upcoming show, and I'll be using Pro Tan Competition Color, 8.5 oz bottle (I will need 3 applications) and Jan Tana Competition Tan, 8 oz bottle (I'll need 1 application before stage time, both prejudging and night show).

It's my first time using these products, and I'm curious if 1 bottle of each is sufficient? I'd hate to get into a 2nd app of Pro Tan, only to find the bottle empty already...

Thanks in advance for any input.

Regards, Razorguts


You might need one more pro tan bottle. I know that I needed a LOT of pro tan when I used it. I have never mixed the two tho.

Jan Tana is the way to go imo...I've used em all too lol. I actually like some of the dream tan looks but the judges dont :frowning:


Thanks for the input, Dirty Gerdy. Yes, I have heard that Dream Tan was no longer permitted (by the NPC or perhaps other sanctioning bodies) due to the mess it creates. Or more specifically, the mess people leave behind at the show venues (stained door handles, dirty bed linens, etc.)

Re: mixing pro tan and jan tana comp tan. I don't recall where I picked up on that. But I'll try it out. I'm also using good ole Pam spray instead of traditional posing oils.


Dream tan is a huge fucking mess. Plus, you think Pro-Tan is hard to get off...wait until you use Dream Tan and then keep finding little DT smudges following you around for a solid 6 months.


the dream tan always came off fairly easy for me. Jan Tana was the tough one on the rough patches of skin.

Heres a funny bodybuilding story.

Dirty Gerdy and a friend (yes another competitor) are in a hotel room the night before a show. We had our crew in there and we both had our applications of Jan Tana the night before. The geniuses we are we slept on white sheets. We messed up that room bad, but it washes out. Anyways my friend (yes really, I was a natty teen) decided to leave syringes in the bathroom on accident.

A few days later we recieve a phone call that $100 will be taken off of my credit card for damages and cleaning. Apparently whoever stayed in my room was using heroin and bled all over the sheets! LOL

I explained that my friend is diabetic and thats why he had needles...and that it was tanning color. They didn't get the cops involved but I was still out $100. lol


My only experience has been with pro-tan. I used 6 coats, and in hindsight, could have been a lot darker. Of course I normally look the color of skim milk, so that may be plenty for someone else -lol.



Stu - with your 6 applications, how many bottles did you require? I've followed your other "countdown" thread loosely, and I recall you saying that you still felt you were the lightest-colored competitor on stage.

For what it's worth, I'm also fair-skinned (blonde haired, blue eyed), but I've been working on a base tan all year, progressively tanning every other day. I've got a nice color, so 3 coats of ProTan should do it for me, along with a final coat of Jan Tana competition color.


I had bought the 8.5 oz bottle, which I believe states that you can get 10 applications out of it (we certainly didn't have to worry about running out). My girlfriend made sure the coats went on smoothly, and evenly. We didn't just glob it on, so maybe we used a little less than someone else might in each application, but there was no streaking or unevenness, which looked pretty good in the end. In hindsight, I would have done a few coats Thursday, then a few more Friday, and then one last one Sat Morning. The stuff isn't just paint, it's also a dye, so the longer it stays on (ie. starting thursday, or even wednesday), the more your skin will discolor.