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Primer 52 for Fighters?

Would Primer 52 work for kickboxing/MMA fighters looking to get leaner?
Currently 225 (~20% bf), wanting to be between 195-205.
Typically lift/condition in morning and train at night. Training schedule usually looks like:
Mon/Wed: 2 hrs jiu jitsu; Tues/Thurs: 1 hr jiu jitsu, 1 hr kickboxing; Saturday: 1.5 hr jiu jitsu
Can I still use the Primer 52 nutrition/lifting plan with this training to lose weight, or would another plan be more beneficial? My main concern is training on a fasted day (Wednesday), but I may juut be overthinking it.
Thanks for the help

why cant you do your fast on Friday/Sunday as you don’t train those days?

Wouldn’t that throw off the lifting schedule?
Also I’m not 100% certain that doing training on my fasted day would be a bad idea. Thibs does say in the plan that you can do high intensity or low intensity cardio on fasting days, and jiu jitsu on Wednesday is usually 1.5 hrs drilling (low intensity) and about 20 minutes sparring (high intensity), so it may work out

Or you can try an intermediary variant such as https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/5-2-fat-loss-diet-for-lifters first and then progressing to Primer52 if you feel like you can still perform as you need to.

i found during training (BJJ) I was fine fasted , but about an hour or 2 later I was like a train wreck, body was crying for some food and just felt like my cortisol was sky rocketing!

I agree with @Voxel … I do a modest variation on the 5/2 fat loss diet: keeping net calories down to about 50-65% of maintenance on my jiu-jitsu training days (Tue and Thu) and maintenance calories the rest of the time (weight training MWF). I’ve started trimming back on Sundays, so I don’t go four days in a row at maintenance. The more I eat, the more I want to eat, so after three days at maintenance, the four day can be pretty glutinous.

Thanks for the replies everybody, really appreciate it!