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Pre and Post Cardio Nutrition


What type of pre and post nutrition do you do for steady state and/or interval/complex cardio, if any?

I have always just had 1/2 of my normal pre/post lifting shake when I do cardio on non-lifting days and I'm not sure this is optimal.


If I'm doing sprints, I'll take a scoop of Surge Workout Fuel 30 mins before. That's it.


There is an interesting discussion the the T-Cell, with a general conclusion that eating a little fat before cardio will help you burn fat, which is what I assume your doing steady state for. The theory is that if your body has switched to digesting fat (because you have just eaten it) it will keep doing that during steady state. Have a handful of almonds, and then hit the elliptical/bike 45 mins later.


This theory makes little sense for a couple of reasons.

First off, fat digestion is a rather lengthy process, so unless it's consumes hours prior to training it will not have reached the blood stream until after the workout.

Perhaps more importantly, I don't believe there's a feedback mechanism known that offers an explanation that this is possible.


It was in a thread entitled 'things I can't prove but believe', so I can't back anything I say with science...


I am personally trying the 'Fat prior to cardio' Idea out and am liking it. I do use MCT's as they don't take as long to absorb (And I know shit about shorter chain fatty acids).

Also, I believe that the initial idea spawned from the idea that 'something is removing the amino acids from my system if I consume a protein shake, so what is stopping them from continuing their job once the shake is depleted' then evolved into 'something has to convert the fatty acids into substrates for energy, so if they're elevated after my serum FA's are gone, could they continue their jobs?'

I have found more energy on the treadmill / track from an isocaloric serving of MCT's over whey, but I can't rule out placebo