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PowerMac G4 Value???


I have an old powermac G4, the one with the mirrored drive doors. It has 1.25 dual processor and 2 gigs of RAM...Anyone know what this old bitch is worth?


I'll give you a 6" Subway BMT w/double meat (12" if we close the deal on a Tuesday), 2 coors light beers that have been in my fridge for a little over 6 months, and the contact information/pics for my top 3 hottest ex-girlfriends.


Make it a cheesesteak and miller lites and you've got yourself a deal!


I'd at least negotiate pics first. What if he's a chubby chaser?


Your old bitch is worth between nothing and nothing.


No more than $100.


Take that Mr. "Nothing and Nothing."


change it for some whey protein.


(** leans over and whispers............. he is)


You think he would give you $100 for that old piece of shit?

Doubt it


I wouldn't pay $100 for anything Apple related... except their shares.

Just eBay the thing for $100, and settle for 70.


Do this Brah.

If you had a G4 Cube I would consider taking it off your hands.


I just upgraded my old G4 to a Mac Mini last Christmas. I still keep the old G4 disconnected under my desk... but it's FULL of old files and is basically now just a back-up or retrieve unit.