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Power Drive a great product

I am not sure who mentioned it in a previous forum posting but I tried power drive with a scoop of ribose C and a caffeine pill as a pre-workout drink. I did a heavy leg workout, squats, deadlifts, ham curls, leg press and to be honest with you, this was the best workout of my life all thanks to power drive/ribose C and caffeine. I do have one question for tim/bill roberts etc. When using this combination of power drive/ribose c/caffeine, can I also safely add ephedrine to the mix ?

Thanks for the info and thanks for such a great product !!

Yes you can. You can either drop the caffeine and add MD6 or just add Ephedrine. I would start low, say 12.5 mg the first time and go from there. It can be “too” much sometimes and you’ll get light headed and nauseous. It is safe as long as you start low and see how you feel.

Why don’t you just buy straight L-Tyrosine, that’s the main ingredient in Power Drive and its a lot cheaper and readily available at most supplement stores. Try stacking tyrosine and vinpocetine with your fat burner. Gives an excellent “buzz” for working out. Too much though will make you feel “disconnected”.

I don’t find L-tyrosine by itself cheaper at all, unless we’re talking about an off brand. At 3000 mg/serving w/the other ingredients in Power Drive I think it is a bargin! Those ingredients are not cheap if you buy quality products. All together I would think you’d spend a lot more getting it all separately.
I would like to see more flavors though.

Rob…go ahead and add some ephedrine, ECA or MD6 type of product. You’ll get your ass jacked up for sure. Guaranteed excellent workout–focus, intensity, energy, enthusiasm…all the goodies.

Thanks for all the feedback T-men.