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Power Cleans, Bad for Your Knees?

Squatting to parallel or above is known to be bad for one’s knees because of the stress you’re putting on your tendons and ligaments etc when stopping short of a full squat.
So shouldn’t the same thing apply to Power Cleans? Catching the weight with knees parallel to the ground or above should technically be bad for you right?

Just a thought I had while training today, I’d love to get some opinions

You do not power clean nearly as much weight as you quarter squat, and there really is no eccentric portion of the lift, is there?

True, but then again you are catching a weight that’s falling while in a quarter squat position… I just imagine that would be bad for you

Then don’t do them.

Use the power clean/snatch for speed, squat clean/snatch for increased power and strength. They each have benefits, but if I was to learn all over again, I would learn the full lifts first before moving onto the power versions.

They are only bad for your knees if either your form blows, mobility/flexibility sucks, or you just lack strength due to not squatting frequently enough.

It’s possible they could make your knees hurt, so if it does, don’t do it. But for most it won’t hurt b/c the weight tends to be lower, and like others said, there is no eccentric.

The only time my knee hurts is when I take a heavy front squat out of the rack.

Thanks guys, they don’t hurt when I do them I was just wondering

I actually do find power cleans a bit harder on the knees than squat cleans, especially near maximal ones. I wouldn’t say they are bad for you though.

I guess it’s like anything in my opinion, as long as your not destorying tissue more than the body can repair then it isn’t bad for you it can only make you stronger for said exercise.

I don’t even get to quarter squat depth when power cleaning. It either makes it to the rack or it doesn’t. I wonder if de-accelerating the bar is a bit different from squatting to less than full depth. Mechanically.