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Power Clean Form Check

Hey guys im new to this movement so some advice on where to improve would be awsome.

sorry for the shitty radio music.

my tip would be to powerclean from the ground, not from the hang.

Yeah pull from the floor. Additionally, I noticed that you are not fully extending your hips. You’re leaving them back quite a bit and that’s causing some swing to your bar path. The rack position doesn’t look that bad, though try opening your hands a bit more and you may be able to get your elbows up a little higher (though this could easily be a flexibility issue).

As omeone pointed out, you are doing power cleans from the hang, which is fine, if that’s what you want to do. But, the left from the floor is the most effective for the development of overall power. The hang versions of the olympic-style lifts are a good assistace exercise.

Now, to form.

Your rythym is good but you drive the bar away from you, rather than upwards, close to your torso and I would bet you land on your forefeet instead of flat feet/with you butt stuck out a bit. The elbows should always point towards the ends of the bar when doing any of these lifts. That will help the bar move “up through your shirt” as it goes by, rather than be swung to the front.

If you start doing the Power Clean from the floor, check out youtube or Pendlay’s site for some help with starting position and drive.

I teach:

  1. bar over base of big toe/balance on forefeet slightly
  2. shoulders vertically over bar at start
  3. arms descend to the bar by the outsides of the knees/elbows out
  4. back straight and angled/ head relaxed and looking forward

Good luck.


Get new music and you will easily clean twice that :wink:

But seriously, these guys are giving you good advice. You are doing hang cleans, not power cleans. Do some research and really get to know the olympic lifts before you get too gung ho. Good luck.