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Post Workout Nutrition

Usually I do my 40 minutes of heavy training and then around 20 minutes of cardio in order to burn some fat! My question is when should I drink my post workout shake? After the weights or after the cardio? many thanks

If you can handle it, you might do after the weights and before the cardio. I think a better option would be to do some HIIT after the weights, on the hypothesis that HIIT is more anabolic than cardio.

I’m interested in this myself, and there doesn’t seem to be a consensus in the literature, so I’d like to hear what others have to say.

If you down a bunch of Surge and then go do cardio what do you think your body is going to use for fuel- your stored fat or this nice fresh tasty sugar you just shoveled in?

I would use Surge the way it is meant to be used. Try to drink half of the serving right before training and sip the other half during training. Save your cardio for another day or at least another time. If you absolutely have to do cardo, then make sure you finish the Surge a little while before you do it so the body can properly make use of it.

How I personally use it is to drink half a serving right before training, then another half serving right after. I don’t drink it during as I really think the longer you let Surge sit out mixed, i.e. the warmer it gets, the nastier it tastes. I need it ice cold. I also don’t do cardio in my workout window, i.e. 2 hrs before/after. No scientific reason behind this per se, I just don’t like to mix them.