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Post Workout Eating?


hey im new around here

i usually eat dinner real early around 5 - 6 and then head to the gym around 7 for a couple of hours.

any advice on what i should do to ease the hunger without having to be too full before bed?



Yes, read some of Davd Barr's and Lonnie Lowery's latest articles. Go to the Articles section, then look by Author.

Also look for stuff by John Berardi.


Why are people afraid to eat before bed? I've been seeing that a lot lately.

Do you not sleep well? Does it make you sick? How large of a meal are you talking about?

I have to eat before bed. Otherwise, I don't sleep well or end up waking up starving in the middle of the night. And I hate to wake up when I'm sleeping well.

If you get home from the gym late, follow the recommendation of having a post-workout shake and then another meal 45-60 minutes later. Or, if you have to go to sleep soon after coming home, have two post-workout shakes (30-45 minutes apart) or a post-workout shake and then some protein later.

Why is it so hard to eat before bed? I don't understand. Please explain why you can't eat, yet you are going to bed hungry?

I eat right before bed and I am starving when I wake-up in the morning and eat immediately, followed by another 5-7 meals for the day.


I usualy have a big burger before bed. Especialy on lifting nights. That way I don't wake up hungry in the middle of the night.
Then again, I've been insatiably hungry for the past month.


I don't understand this either. I don't go to bed hungry. I go to bed as full as possible. Unless you are trying to lose weight, why would anyone avoid eating before bed? Maybe this is why there are so many fewer larger bodybuilders walking around. They are all afraid to eat. I think some of you get advice meant for dieting confused with what EVERYONE should be doing.


OR, you could simply ask the question here.


hmm, interesting that you are more interested in not being full, than in achieving your goals. What are your goals? Is there a reason why you don't want to eat much, i.e. if I said that there is a calorie-free way to ease your hunger, would that be what you want?

Also, you may want to describe what you are doing in the gym, as this will affect your post-workout recommendations. Is it lots of cardio? Machines? Free weights? Stretching?


Exactly. I sleep great when I'm full too!

However, even though I'm currently "dieting", I still eat before bed. I just eat protein only or a small amount of carbs.

You gotta eat.


thanks for the help guys

the reason i was curious is because ive only been working out for a couple of months now and one of the myths is to never eat before you go to bed. im trying to learn as much as i can


I never heard that myth. I'm glad that the myths I did listen to when I first started weren't that misleading as to decrease progress to that degree.


lol well i'm glad i busted that one


What do you do at the gym for 'couple of hours'?



Good question.


Oh, you know how it goes. Go in, say "hi" to a few friends...shoot the shit while warming up for about 5-10 minutes.

Walk over to the water cooler to check out that hottie in the spandex that just finished up some killer stiff-legged deadlifts.

Then back to warming up a little more. You know, some stretching stuff. Then, grab a five pound plate and swing it around a few times to really stretch out the shoulders.

After about 20 minutes, you hit the bench (gotta get big pecs!). Knock out a few warmups of 8-10 reps with 135lbs before doing a couple real hard sets with 155lbs. In between sets, you gotta knock out a few sets of pushups to really "get the pump" going.

After a couple sets of that, it's time to go to the mirror, take off the stringy tank top and do some flexing. Make some faces, really strain the pecs. Gotta see the cuts and watch the pecs get "rippled" when they flex.

After five more minutes of that, you gotta pick up those 25lb dumbbells and knock out some dumbbell curls while really heaving it up there, throw in a little back bend and hop up and down while grunting and groaning.

After a few more sets of curls, you have to go back to the mirror and flex the guns. "Oh yeah, baby! Check out these babies!" At the same time, look at that one girl doing the abductor/adductor machine. "Oh damn," you think to yourself. "She's wearing some loose shorts and I'm getting a sneak peak of the panties."

After proceeding to pop a boner, it's time to head to the water cooler to help calm yourself down. Then it's back for some cable crossovers. These do the chest wonders. Hell yeah! Feel the burn! Get the pump!

After a few sets, it's time to do incline and decline presses with dumbbells and then flyes.

After a couple hours, it's time to head home, yo.

You know, just a couple of hours in the gym.

Can't wait for tomorrow!


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Yup, me too. In fact, I can't sleep unless I've eaten before going to bed. It's got to be a good mix of carbs and protein. Stricly protein-based food isn't good enough (eg. 1.5 cups of cottage-cheese).

My muscles also feel fuller in the morning, too!


This thread should be called pre-bedtime eating.

Isn't the myth you can't eat before swimming??


Pre-bedtime eating:


Protein Shake, Cottage Cheese, Yogurt = Good.

Cookies, Ice Cream, Potato Chips = Bad.