Post Shoulder Rotator Cuff Repair

I’m not sure who will read this but im having a togh time rehabing my shoulder back to health. the sports medicine clinic i goto has this tendency to try to use old remedies and not much cutting edge tech. they treat alot of old people that are trying to recover from hip breaks and coal miners that have messed up their backs. im frustrared that ive asked my ocp therapist about vasodialators or suplements that might help the process up. my therapist didn’t know what nitric oxide was or any info on what may help the process. iv’e got alot of friends at the gym and their tellingme to start a cycle of gh or a serious muscle builder but am not sure which way to go. if anyone has ever been i my situation with their shoulder i would love some info on what has worked in the past. thanks.

Up your omega3 intake by 3-400% (cod liver oil, fresh fish, supplements. Ice it frequently, and lay off anything that hurts.
I seriously doubt NO is going to help much.

I don’t think any supplements are going to make a significant difference. The important thing is what to avoid rather than what to add. Don’t drink, don’t take any more pain killers than is absolutely necessary, don’t eat crappy food, don’t let a pt make you do an exercise you think is bad without making them give you a convincing, scientifically backed explanation, and don’t skip out on sleep hours. Anything that slows down recovery, causes inflammation (aside from your rehab obviously), or weakens connective tissues is a no-no.

Here is a great article on shoulder rehab by a chiropractor who is a serious lifter -

The basic process I use is very similar to what the article suggests. I like to spend more time building up the weights I can handle at a superslow cadence before adding speed and I don’t think you need to exercise 5-7 days a week, but I’m not a medical professional and Dr. Ryan is, so do what you think it best.

I tore my cuff and had it surgically repaired with five anchors. I was very lucky to have a top surgeon and PT. If you have specific questions, you can PM me.

Had mine done in Feb (supraspinatus, bone spurs, destroyed labrum). Back to/above original strength levels now.

Actually, I scanned thru the article posted above. Pretty much followed that protocol.

1st 4 weeks - no direct work on repaired cuff. Focused on increasing (severe) pain free ROM. It always hurt, so it push it, but not to further injury.
wk 5, taper above, start direct work, arm weight only.
wk 6, direct work, 1-3 lbs
wk 7, band/weight work, up to 5 lbs
wk 8, bands, weight work, up to 5 lbs.

Typically 3 sets 10-20 reps.

After 8 wks, started lifting VERY carefully, slowly upping weight 5-10lbs/wk, do not reinjure.

Invested in set of therabands from amazon. Cheap, easy to use. Still use as rehab every workout.

Still bothers me when I over do it. I just back off/level out weights until inflammation settles.

I’d did up my fish oil/Flameout and circumin ALOT for 3 months. I think it made a significant difference.

Dr was actually amazed my recovery went so well, especially ROM.

Fishoil + Flameout + curucumin. Flameout is a godsend in this situation.