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Post-Cardio Workout Meal/Shake?

What is suggested to take after doing cardio?
Would you bros recommend a whey protein shake? Or food?

personally I just hydrate on water and then about 30-60 minutes afterwards I eat a meal. I tend to feel better doing that instead of taking a protein shake and fast digesting carb to “replenish depleted glycogen stores”. I think you should try both and see what works for you though.

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no need protein powder after doing cardio ! just eat what you eat on a daily basis

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thanks jag17 and bigmax.
but i have heard that after cardio, the sugar levels reduces so to keep them steady, shake should be taken.

well if by sugar you mean glycogen there is truth to this but it all depends on what type of cardio you’re doing. Lets say you’re doing a steady state run you’re not going to be using as much glycogen as you would be if you were sprinting and this is a significant difference in how much glycogen is used. A lot of people will advise taking a protein shake 30 minutes post workout that has around 50g of protein and 40g of “fast reacting carbs…to refill glycogen stores”. I consider this more along the broscience side of things because in reality your glycogen expenditure isn’t going to deplete to that level where you’ll need a fast reacting carbohydrate right away (that is if you’re eating of course) but if you eat a meal post cardio you’ll not only be getting the protein and carbs but the other micronutrients that protein powders don’t contain. Again I think it would be best to try protein one week and a meal the next and see which works best for you as an individual.

what is your ‘‘cardio’’ training ?