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poliquins 1-6

hi, i’ve read the site since 2000 but have never tried a program, but am intrigued by poliquins 1-6 program, and have a few questions. first:he suggests [or demands] a 5 sec negative on all lifts, but could i do say a 2 sec negative without hindering with the programs effectiveness? would the program work with a movement like power cleans, or any explosive movement for that matter? he also saysthat if uncomfortable, one could do a 2-5 routine, but would that diminish potential effectiveness?could i use the program strictly for upper body and do my thing for lower body [ i play basketball and am weary of “destroying” my legs], or would that limit potential gains? thanks for listenin to my questions, and anyone who has tried the programs [for better or worse] input would be greatly appreciated. thanks, flash

  1. Yes, decrease the eccentric time.

  2. Try 1/3 for Olympics.

what do you mean 1/3 for olympics? thanks, flash

i know its a 6workout program, but i’m also aware that if its still workin you should still use it. but when i do come off, poliquin recommends to take a 5 day break then start back lighter. i’m addicted to training w/ heavy weights [<6reps, never more]. should i heed his advice? thanks flash

how close should the reps be to my max on each set? lets say i’m benching, my 6rm is 180 and my 1rm is 220, so would i use those for my first wave, or should i do like 175, 215, 180, 220, 185, 225? i think i read that going too close to your max off the jump hurts the programs effectiveness, but how close is too close? is that an individual thing, or are there pretty accurate guidelines that should be followed? i’m going to start on monday [ kinda nervous] and would love to get some feedback and hear how it worked for those who gave it a serious go. sorry for the barrage of questions. thanks, flash

1/3 = Alternate sets of one rep and sets of three reps.

I’d be working pretty darn close to your maximum for the singles. At least 90%, if not higher. Remember, with any luck we are getting stronger here. Just play around with it and see what works for you–don’t overthink it.

now with that 90% is that for the duration of the sets of singles, or just at the beginning of the workout[ie 1st single 90%, 2nd single 95%, 3rd 100%], or should i never hit 100%? i thought that the miracle of the program is that the singles increase your sixes and vice versa, or am i just misenterpreting it? thanks, flash

White, you’re over-thinking things here. Just give the program a shot as it’s written, make your best guess as to the weights that you should use, see how things go and adjust from there.

Many of us here (myself included) have used 1-6 with good results, but there’s no way that we can really tell you how to make modifications to the program that will suit your particular body. It’s just not possible over the Net. You’re going to have to do some trial and error and see what happens for yourself.

It’s good that after your time reading here you’ve decided to try a program. Now go out and actually try it.

i know one cant give specific reccommedations, but one could give general reccommendations. in poliquins hypothetical scenario his lifter has a 260lb incline max, but through the course of the days workout he hits 265. i want to do the workout as it should be done for optimal results, not just get under the bar and push. thanks, flash

What have you been doing the past 3 years? You’ve read this site for all this time without trying any programs? Wut up widdat?

i’ve got another question fellas. i was spottin my boy on monday,and his bench went like this [after warmup]:
245x1,205x6,255x1,210x6,265x1[assisted],215x4[plus 2 assisted reps]
after that, he did one wave on the inc [185x6,205x1]but i told him to cut it out cause he was pretty spent.
during the program, should you ever use assisted reps [especially on the singles]? i thought the magic of the program is that your able to handle heavier 1’s and 6’s by the end of the days session.
were we startin with to high of a percentage? cause he definately didn’t get the “parlor trick” effect poliquin talks about. any comments are appreciated


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