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Poliquin Intensive Leg Training Internship

Just wondering if anyone is going to this?

From CP’s site …

Chicago (Northfield), Illinois, USA.

Intensive Leg Training Internship

By the end of this internship, the coach should know how to design, implement, and teach strength training leg programs ranging from the injured to the Olympic level athlete.

Attendees will complete two workouts a day. This hands-on learning will reinforce proper execution of exercises.

Date: July 24-28, 2006

Poliquin Performance Center

1847 Oak Street

Northfield, IL 60093


Cost: $3500 USD (early bird cost $2500 USD if registered by June 15, 2006)

Day 1

Learn to assess lower body extremity muscle imbalances in terms of strength and length-tension.

How to rehab from knee injuries.

Effective strategies for marketing and time management for the successful strength coach

Day 2

Prevention and rehabilitation of hamstrings pulls

Prevention and rehabilitation of groin pulls

General Preparatory work for the posterior chain

Day 3

The concept of maximal strength predictor lifts & its application to the training process

Variations of squats and pulls

Training legs for explosive starts

Day 4

The concept of speed-strength predictor lifts & its application to the training process

Training legs for jumping power

Methods for the development of explosive strength

Reactive strength methods

Day 5

Short-term periodization

Long-term periodization.

Specific preparation and tapering methods.