Pinning for a Year, First Post-Injection Soreness

As the title says, I’ve been pinning for over a year. It’s prescription gear and new needles and other than hitting a nerve once, I’ve never had so much as a warm spot afterwards.

Pinned on the 22nd, felt a little sore yesterday and WOW sore today. It’s a deep soreness, almost feels like a cramp. No visible redness, although it feels a bit warmer.

Feels like a ‘knot’.

Did I just screw myself up? What do you think caused it?

Final question: It’s leg day. Should I skip it since it’s the thigh muscle that hurts? Or work it out?

Read the injection pain sticky, you could have an infection. Not likely, unless you are a complete idiot, but possible. Most likely you injected faster than normal. On the other hand, it shouldn’t get worse on day 2, but better. Anyway, read the sticky, and good luck. If it is an injection, Go to your doc ASAP.