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Pictures From First Show

These are pictures from my first show

3rd place teen class
2nd place mens novice short

Great Work Son!

how old are you in that pic?

I am 19 years old.

Another shot

looking good mate :smiley:

Excellent, brother. Let’s see your routine and whatnot.

I am not to sure how to upload video, we are doing it threw youtube I believe. So as soon as i get it up I’ll post the link.

Looking great! Would love to hear about your diet/training.

Diet was just slow burning carbs w/ 8oz’s of lean meat 4-5 times a day. Last 4weeks carb cycled. I had a water problems for some reason. For my second show we fixed that up using Lasix though.

Sense this was my first show it was a huge learning experience we severely underestimated my metabolism and actually ended up dieting too hard. I took a week off and ate/drank/partied and came back to start training and I was twice as hard skin was thin, really dry ect. Next year we plan on eating more up to the show, we ended up starving my muscles on accident.

Training was just supersets and drop sets and usually a stretcher for a finisher, just fast paced. Didn’t do much Cardio just at the first but we found out I really didn’t need it.

Great work at such a young age! There are people who will never achieve what you have. One thing I just noted, and it may just be the angle of the photos, but how is your serratus? It just seems from these photos that you don’t have enough meat on that ribcage. I could be wrong however, if those angles aren’t doing it justice.

Not sure mate, never really thought it was a problem.

I need to bring my shoulders up though, my biceps overpower them badly when I do a front double bi. Also need to sharpen my hamstrings to match my quads.

I’m trying to look for a straight on picture, but seems like from where they were sitting they are all from sort of a side angle.

Awesome, especially for 19. You’ve got the physique of someone much older. Time I stopped using that as an excuse for myself!

WHoah man, great conditioning! Very impressive for a 19 year old. I didn’t even discover weights until college -lol

Thanks much for the kind words.

Here is a picture of me STARTING to draw out my lat spread. Horrible picture quality but o well. So basically its an inner back shot…but my back isnt squeezed lol. We didnt really get jack squat for back shots which dissapoints me considering its one of my nastiest body parts :frowning: