Photo Question

I took some training pics and some turned out pretty good. I noticed they are each 2 mb in size and I can’t post them. How do I make them smaller? Re-size? I don’t think I have the program to do that.

Machine: email them to me. I have Photoshop, will resize and email them back to you.

Resizing and cropping can do a lot to trim down the file size. That pic of Dana I posted on the photo forum was similar to your situation. I think I used PhotoDraw to do the mods, and it worked fine. Pay attention to the pixel dimensions.

What is your website address again so I can get your email? Thanks for helping me out. I’ll probably email them this weekend if that is okay with you.

Kewl. Site address:

I'll keep an eye out for 'em!

Another thing to keep in mind (for anyone else who’s thinking about posting photos) is that simply by changing the file format type you can drastically alter a file’s size. At 2M, you’re almost undoubtedly using a .pict format. Re-saving this into a JPEG file will eliminate about 80- 90% of the file size, and the difference in quality won’t be noticeable on the Net.

There’s a very cheap shareware program called GraphicConverter out there that will do the job easily. And there are probably other, freeware, prgrams as well if you look. No need to invest in Photoshop unless you’re a hardcore artiste like Patricia!

Thanks for the help guys. I tried re-sizing it and to get the picture to be 50kb is pointless. You can’t see anything. I’ll have to make sure to take pictures that are closer up. The current 2MB picture of me squatting is a jpeg but it was zoomed out on the digital camera. I’ll probably just end up sending them to Patricia.

Great portfolio Patricia…
Paint Shop Pro is a pretty decent program. It’s about $70-$90 far from the $900 tag on Photoshop, and great for the novice. For web stuff PSP offers more bells and whistles than most will use. Learning curve is a lot less than photo shop. I’m sure the 2MB size was probably in Bitmap format (bmp)saving as jpg alone could drop a 2MB file down to 72K

Machine, in the photo section, click on the tips for posting pics under “post message”. If you can’t post a photo, T-mag will do it for you. There’s an addy to send them to.