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Peter's Non Official I3G Log

I will do some elaborate presentation, but I was wishing share some introduction points.
I can’t subscribe on Indigo training Logs cause I get my Indigo bottler from UK, anyway let’s share it

Monday â?? abs, chest, shoulders, triceps
Tuesday â?? back, biceps
Wednesday â?? OFF
Thursday â?? calves, shoulders
Friday â?? abs, arms
Saturday â?? calves, legs
Sunday â?? OFF

Week1 - Monday
Monday â?? abs, chest, shoulders, triceps
C. Reverse Grip Bench Press from pins 7 5 3 7 5 3
D. Reverse Band Bench Press 5x5
E. Incline Db bench Press - emphasis on stretch - 3x10
D. Stretch Pushups - 1 set at failure
F. Rope Pushdowns - 4x10
G. Db Laterals - 3x15
E1. Spider Crawls - 2x1 minute
E2. Db Rear Laterals - 2x12
F1. E1. Spider Crawls - 2x1 minute
F2. Db Partial Laterals - 2x10

Tuesday â?? back, biceps
A. Kayak Row 4x8
B. Meadows Rows 4x10
C. Close Grip Pulldown 4x12
D. Deadlift from shin 5x5
E. Shrugs - 3x15
F1. Incline Db Curl - 4x8
F2. Incline Low Pulley Curl - 4x15
E. Scott - 4x10
F. Curl with chains - 3xmax

Indigo Day 1
Tuesday, May 15th 2012

2600 Kcal
Protein 276 grams, 41.4%, 1.44 g/lb
Fat 63 grams, 21,38%, 033 g/lb
Carbs 247 grams, 37.5%, 1.29 g/lb

Core carbs in periwo
The remaining carbs divided over 3 equal meals

07:30 I3G
08:30 Meal 1 - Isolate CFM 65 grams, Rice (cooked) 200 grams, 2 Yolks
10:30 I3G
11:30 Training - 3X SWF 1, Peptopro 20 grams, Creatine 5 grams, Beta Alanine 2 grams, Citruline 4 grams
14:30 Meal 2 - Turkey (cooked) 150 grams, Baked potato 240 grams, Organic Butter, 10 grams
16:30 Meal 3 - 6 eggs scrambled
19:30 I3G
20:30 Meal 4 - Same meal 2
23:30 Meal 5 - Beef 160 grams, 1/2 Tbsp Olive Oil

Meal 1, meal 2 and meal 4 are trying to reach 50 grams of protein, 12 of fat and 50 of carbs


Sorry our system isn’t set up for those who purchase Indigo from oversees resellers, but please join us in the daily Coaching Lab on the front page. That’s where most Indigo users hang out and ask questions.

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