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Pec Tendons Sore

The past month or so my pec tendons have hadan dull ache. Anyone ever dealt with this? Any chest exercises that don’t seem to bother it so I can continue to train? Any advice on this injury is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Is this a rare injury? Figured someone else would of had to deal with it at some point. lol.

‘Dull ache’ sounds like a potentially overuse tendon issue to me. I’m familiar with that sensation in the past: my posture wasn’t good, mobility sucked, and I was pushing the limits of my training most of the time which led to 2 pec tears. If you aren’t having any pain, I wouldn’t be too concerned; however, I would make sure to utilize proper mobility work and limit ballistic movements. The last thing you want is a muscle tear ;).

Thanks man I appreciate the response! Strangely pressing does cause some pain but low to high flyes don’t so might just stick with those for a while to let it heal a bit. Hopefully keep my chest from atrophying at least.