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PCT Timing With Oral


Hey guys, I’m currently in prep for a show which is about 6 weeks out, with another one 2 weeks from then. My cycle is 13 weeks total and is laid out as such.

week 1-6 Test cy -625mg/week
week 7 Test prop- 150mg/eod
week 8 Test prop- 100mg/eod
week 9 Test prop- 100mg/eod + Winstrol oral 30mg/ed
week 10 Test prop- 75mg/eod + Winstrol oral 30mg/ed
week 11 Test prop- 50mg/eod + Winstrol oral 40mg/ed
First show
week 12 Test prop- 50mg/eod + Winstrol oral 40mg/ed
week 13 No test, Winstrol oral 50mg/ed
Second show

Amiridex as needed, increased closer to showtime
Pct with clomid and Nova at appropriate dosages

This taper is because I want to switch to a shorter ester, and only have so much prop. I have access to supertest but would rather not introduce a new anabolic that I’ve never used before this close to a show, I have access to plenty of Winstrol, but am wary of the hypotoxicity.

My question is: When should I start my PCT? After the winstrol, or 3 days after last Prop pin?


32 yo
3rd cycle
bf ~ 8%


Anybody? Should I wait till after the Winny


start PCT after the Winny. otherwise, you’ll just contnue suppressing your HPTA and waste the SERM…


Thanks for the feedback!