PCT After Real Cycle and I'm Needing TRT

Hello all,
So my situation is crappy I was on trt but decided to take a cycle
Week gear
1-19 arimidex
1-6 D-bol
1-16 Test C
1-16 Deca
My PCT is 3 weeks after last injection I’m running clomid for 3 weeks and letrozol after for 2 weeks since I got gyno from previous younger days

I was on TRT prior to the cycle and now that I’m off the cycle I stopped all gear even the low dosage I had to take for TRT.

I got super tired 2 week off and now my motivation is down the drain. How should we PCT off a cycle if we are normally low T and needing TRT

If you are on TRT you don’t need PCT, you just go back to your TRT dose of test.

Per the fertility doctor just Monday. Said I need to stop trt use hcg and continue clomid for at least 3 months until we do another sperm analysis to see if I’m reproducing like normal again.

Totally different now that we’re trying to have a baby but next time I tried a cycle after we have our new babies I’ll probably just take my recommended dosage for TRT.