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Parallel In A New Squat Suit


Just got an ULTRA tight Titan Centurion super NXG+

Took me three or four goes before I got it on (with a lottttttttttt of help)....and its super tight.

I have been squatting just under 600 pounds raw.

But with the suit on I cant even get 660 down.

Should I just shove more weight on?

Should I wet the suit?

Should I just try and get deeper and deeper every week?

Any Ideas

PS this has been posted on a couple other forums...sorry for the repeated posts...but I would like some more information


add more weight


Just keep working in it. It's kind of like a vagina- it will loosen up with use. I have a pair of Boss briefs in the new material that required 638 to get down when they were new. After using them for 5 or 6 workouts, I can get down with 385. I suspect a single-ply suit will break in even quicker.


I agree, you just need to work with the suit some. It will break in. Also have you trained in this type of suit before? Make sure you have it seated properly ect, that will make hitting the hole easier as well.


rofl! that comment made my day. anyway, timely thread as i just got finished squatting about an hour ago in a brand new centurian and i didn't get anywhere close to depth on any of my reps. just keep working deeper and deeper every week and you should be fine.

i worked up to 675 today with the straps up and still had problems (basically ended up being half quats). but the seams started to stretch nicely and i figure with a couple more workouts ill be able to hit depth with as little as 495. my comp isn't until december so i've got plenty of time.


pinto, robo, even though the suit will stretch and allow less weight to get parallel....do you lose a lot of carryover then?

what type of carry over do you get in a worn in suit personally.


well, look at it this way, there is no carryover if you're not hitting depth. This is my third centurian. the first two were the NXG material and despite both of them being about 3 years old and stretched out, i can still get 70-80 pounds out them.(that doesn't include the extra pounds from the wraps).

this is my first NXG+ super so not sure what the carryover will be like when its broken in but im expecting to get 720-740 in competition with suit, belt and wraps, which would be as much as 140 pound carryover from with just a belt. most suits i've owned took me two to four workouts to get to proper ipf depth. usually when i first put on a new suit it's hard to get it all the way up into my crotch because of the tighteness, and not having it all the way up makes it even more difficult to hit depth, but the higher you can get it up in your groin area the easier it will be to hit depth.

all you're really doing is stretching out the leg holes a bit. the hips should still stay tight. then, once i know i can hit depth i usually put the suit back in my bag until the meet and use my older suits to keep training.


Also, if your'e not already doing so, make sure you've the legs pulled up as high as you can. It should probably feel like your balls are being crushed.

As the suit breaks in more you can leave the legs down lower and you should get an extra bit out of them that way.


You will lose some carryover- true. I think especially when you're talking about single ply gear, it makes sense to have a fairly fresh suit (just broken in- but not trained in a lot) for the meet and another suit for training. People have done this alot with shirts for years, but it makes sense for suits as well. Maximizing your gear requires lots of practice and suits are no exception.


I always break in a new suit with High Box SQ's with lots of weight, then work down to a parallel box and your golden. The key is: MORE WEIGHT!


Can you get any weight to parallel in a 'broken in' suit?

I still can figure this out.

so if you think your going to squat 740 in a suit and wraps, but you can only squat 600 raw, what weight will it take to get parallel in the suit and wraps (once broken in)?

Do you have to almost drive yourself down to get depth?


Don't overthink it dude. put the suit on and keep working it. I can hit depth with 405 or less straps down on my old centurians. Your suit will loosen up pretty quickly. they always seem complicated the first time but once you've worn it a few times you'll get the hang of it and will be able hit depth anytime you want.


In the super plus material speed of descent is critical.

Our fast lifters do great in the material, our slow ones struggle. If you are slow you are going to have trouble regardless of weight.

It's not going to stretch that much, either.

Just keep working it.