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Painting Pants

Anyone on here paint? I recently began working for a different painting company and they require us to wear the traditional white painters pants. I have searched the local stores and web for these pants and can only find them in the regular cut. I have bought 4+ waist sizes larger than I am and am still not comfortable/able to move freely.

Does anyone know where this style pants in loose or relaxed cut can be purchased?

Check with Sherwin-Williams. I used to work there, and we order Dickies painters whites all the time for the painters who needed bigger sizes or cuts with baggier or roomier legs. They will cost you a couple of dollars extra, but it’s worth it. It’s been a few years since I work there, so I don’t know if they still do it or not.

I also used to work for JC Penney, and we would order Big Mac Painters Pants for people who needed the extra room. It’s a relaxed fit and has extra room in the thighs. They have a ‘workwear’ catalog in store which has a lot more selection, but here is what it looks like.


If that link doesn’t work, go to www.jcp.com —> mens —> workwear —> pants + shorts —> and there should be a pic of the Big Mac Painters Pants on the lower right side of the pictures. Plus, they are on sale from $14.99-18.99, so that’s a good price.

Hope this helps.

I echo tmoney’s suggestions and add that Dickie’s painter overalls tend to have more room if you’re allowed to wear them. They’re still painter-white, and a valid option if you can’t follow t$'s advice.

Thanks alot guys, I was getting Dickies but they were normal cut. I will try S-Williams and if that doesn’t work ill go to JC. I really appreciate it.

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