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What are the mechanisms that cause people to overeat (sometimes severely) when they are bored or depressed? Is it a chemical imbalance? How does one overcome such a problem? I have issues with this and would appreciate any input. Thank you in advance.

direct your research to issues regarding the hypothalmus, particulary the ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus. Lesions of the VMH produce hyperphagia. The lateral hypothalamic area is the are of satiety, (staisfaction). Enjoy your reading

isn’t there another area of the hypothalamus known as the LH that is the “off” switch, where as the area you mentioned was the “on”. I suppose the problem could be centered in either depending on exactly what it is. Wanting to eat all the time w/ the “on” area, and eating till your overstuffed w/ the “off”.


jay, forgive my finals ridden brain, i just realized everything I said you had already said. Anyway…is the over eating coming after a long, hard diet?

I am dieting right now; however, this happens not just during diet phases, but at other times of the year as well. As I mentioned previously, the overeating is severe when it occurs.