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Original Serious Growth Training System

I’m talking about the one from the very early 90’s that called for a 6 day/week training schedule.

I got my mom to buy the manual back when I was 16 yrs old, & half ass followed it & experienced some of the best growth of my lifetime. That was 20 years ago. Many routines have come & gone since then, & I ran across the old manual in my attic. I decided to run it again, but do it right this time, switching exercises frequently throughout the week instead of just sticking to my favorites.

My nutrition now is 100x better than it was then, exercise performance & maturity of course are on another level than they were then.


I’m middle aged now, I don’t have those youthful hormone levels anymore & I’m also a lot stronger, so the frequency may crush me.

Anyway, gonna give it a try just for fun. Worst case scenerio is that nothing will happen :slight_smile: