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Opinions on SARMS?

Always trained natty (8 years) but considering going to the dark side… have been reading a lot about sarms… are they really worth it?? Anyone used them and which ones?? Website u have bought them?

Can’t post sources here. I’ve used RAD & LGD and was unimpressed. I’m also on TRT, I wouldn’t run them by themselves

SARMs have barely been researched on humans. Go look up the trials and see how many people took them and for how long. We have zero clue what the long term effects are. On the other hand, testosterone, anavar, anadrol, nandrolone, turinabol, and others have been researched for years, and many are or have been prescribed by legitimate doctors for human use. Although obviously not in the dosages used by recreational users. It’s a no-brainer as far as risk to your health is concerned.

Instead of using research chemicals that have very little clinical data how about you stick with the stuff that A.) works, and B.) has piles of data backing up the proper usage, side effect profile, and long term effects?

I’ll do my best to give out the info I can remember for when I was on SARMS. The first time I used sarms I bought LGD-4033 due to the possible mass and weight gain it was supposed to give you. At this point I was too scared to pin, so I was ‘starting off easy’. I did 30mg a day for two months and noticed a little benefit from it. I gained 10 pounds(I’d guess maybe 2 of that was actual muscle) and my bench went from 220 for 1 which I was plateauing at for half a year, to 235 for 2. I didn’t notice any sides and I didn’t do a PCT. I went off for two months and then came back on and did 30mg LGD-4033, 30mg of RAD-140, and 30mg of SR9009. I noticed a lot of acid reflux and so I started GW1516 instead of SR9009 and the reflux went away immediately. I didn’t really notice anything on that besides my body fat went down, I had more of an appetite, and my endurance increased a lot. Without going into all the details, etc. I would say they helped a bit, but nothing like steroids. Along with the fact that there is little research on sarms and nobody really knows how bad the long term effects are. Obviously pinning makes most people freak out and think that you are doing something horrible, but it is by far the safest option and has the research to back it up so you can weigh out the risks. I personally want to know what is possibly happening to my body, so I know what to get checked out via bloodwork. All in all $700 spent on sarms gave me less muscle and strength then what I got on gear for $100. My opinion; save your money and go for the tried and true.

The last thing you should do is start using any sort of training drugs.

Overpriced shitty drugs with limited research thag cost more than steroids and aren’t as effective. I’m sure they will be a mainstay in the future of modern medicine but i vehemently believe they have no place in performance enhancement

New here but wanted to give my advice. I would stay away from them. I’ve never really had problems with my T levels in the past but just recently used mk-677 and rad-140. Before use my TT was 835, Free was 15.8. After 8 weeks my TT dropped to 369 and Free was 8. 4 weeks later it was down to 283 and Free was 6.3.
Therefore, now I’m here. :cry: