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One Angry Priest!


Don't skateboard around this priest.


Little pricks need an ass whoopin



The fucked up thing is that they actually thought they were in the right when the priest smacked one of them, they actually threatened to call the police.

If my kids ever act like that, they will be KTFO!


True dat.

However, the priest needs an anger management class. He would have got a lot better results if he had walked out there in a civil manner and asked the skate-punks to move along.

I've had to deal with packs of skater punks loitering in front of my place of business on numerous occasions, and if you politely ask them to leave, they will do so 99% of the time. If you choose verbally/physically abuse them instead, they'll hang around like a pack of hyenas surrounding a wounded caribou.

Unfortunately, the priest in this video chose to go the verbal/physical abuse route, and he reaped what he sowed.


I believe there is more to the story than that.


You shouldn't have to be nice to them when they are on your property. If you tell them to leave in any manner and they don't it justifies a beating.