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On for 20+ wks, Still Producing Test


i had bloodwork done after being on cycle for a little over 20 weeks, was using test tren and superdrol (not all at the same time) and i was still producing test levels of 170ng/dl with the range being 250 - 800 (i do not have a copy of the bloodwork one hand to post but will try and get my copy soon). check out this post for full details


take what you will from this, but it might add to the whole debate of low dose d-bol for a bridge or whatever people try, and for the record i do not do any sort of briding what so ever nor have i ever or have any compulsion to try in the future. since my body was still producing TEST even in the presence of continuous anabolic steroid use. even though i was at low levels, i would of thought they would be non exorbitant.


you really should NOT be using anabolics


the fuck?


what kind of test, how much, and how long before the test was your last shot