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Nutrition on Max Test Days?


Looking to put together a solid nutritional strategy to maximize performance on a Saturday Morning Max Test/ Strength Competition. If I pulse fasted friday before the test and reloaded in the AM before the session, would that help me really load the muscles for max strength? Looking to come in light and strong. Or should I just reduce carbs wed, and thurs and load carbs friday? thanks for all the great training info......never felt and lifted better!


I'm far from a nutrition guy but i would say concentrate on performing the lifts. Even picture it in your mind - personally i find closing my eyes and imagining completing the lift with excellent technique really helps, just before the attempt. I wouldn't spend too much of my nervous system energy worrying about nutrition.

I hit 2 PR's a few weeks ago while fasted. Maybe i could of gotten a few more lbs with "proper nutrition" but i don't care. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice....I agree with you about the power of the mind, but I'm looking to learn and optimize my results in any way shape or form possible. If nutrition had no impact on training then all these supps that keep us training hard would be crap. I want to blow my lifts out of the water and if I can gain 20 or 30 lbs on my lifts each cycle by learning I will.


It depends on when the test will be. If it is fairly early then reload in the AM is not a good idea. It takes some time for the nutrients to be stored in the muscle and pull water with them. If you are not done digesting, not only will you not get the "loading" benefit, you will also have low energy because of the digestive process. Furthermore is you load too early in the day THEN lift, you run the chance of having an energy crash from low blood sugar.

Ideally the best is to load the evening/night before, and eat a few moderate carbs but high sodium meals prior to lifting and HYDRATE.


Thank you Coach....I appreciate the response and your time