Nutrient Timing of Indigo-3G and Mag-10

Hello i am trying to figure out my nutrient timing with Indigo-3G and Mag-10.

My regimen normally goes

45 minutes pre-workout: Spike Shooter
15 minutes pre-workout: 1 serving of Surge Workout Fuel
Peri-workout: 1 serving of Surge Workout Fuel
1 hour post workout: Mag-10
90 minutes postworkout: Indigo-3G
2 hours post workout: dinner

Is this a good use? I am trying to get the most optimal out of these supplements (i have gotten good results from just using them)

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I would personally move the Indigo 3G before the first serving of Surge Workout Fuel, because I want the workout to be the carb-loaded, but I’d imagine either would work.

@Chris_Shugart for thoughts.

Aww ok. I thought of post workout so the carbs i ate there would be optimized as glycogen