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Nutbar on the Treadmill


I caught this idiot today at my gym. I've seen her a few times before. A buddy of mine that's seen her told me that she'll sometimes turn on 4 or 5 treadmills at once and literally hop from one to the other...all set at 1.0 KPH. Oh...the music doesn't help either.


Odd, yes... But she's probably in better shape than half of the people at that gym.


wow. just,wow...


I like people like that.


For a minute there I thought she was going to do a backflip.


She just realizes the importance of training for "real life situations". In this case, she is building up enough functional strength to hit the dancefloor on the weekends.


I love how the people around her don't even give her a second look.


fukken saved


She needs to be kicked out, please don't say they get mad at people for dropping weights in that gym.




Haha, I think I would fall off the treadmill laughing if I was watching that.

It's better than the guy I saw at my gym last week. He was literally walking at a zero incline at 0.5 mph. Have you tried walking that slow on treadmill? You have to pretty much force yourself to walk that slow. He wasn't overly fat or anything, and didn't appear to have any type of medical condition that would prohibit more activity.

I wanted to go smack him in the face like they do on V-8 commercials.
Geez the 495 lb. kid on the Biggest Loser could move faster than that.


That is AWESOME.



Who knew they held American Idol try outs at your gym everyday?

I guess my unique idea to strip while on a treadmill is now so passe.


I won't stop ya.


This was in the corner of the screen there.


That woman truly does not give a fuck.



Did anybody think the guy on the left was going to backhand her? Personally I did not think that, as violence is bad and wrong. I'm only curious if anyone did think it.


Kind of reminds me of this women who's always at my gym... ALWAYS. She's on some cardio equipment for probably 4-5 hours every morning, and throughout her time there she "whoops" really, really fucking loud. I don't know if it's to get herself psyched up for her endless cardiovascular assault, but it's strange.

She is DEFINITELY under 8% bodyfat all the time though. Kind of scary.


Exactly, this is 'real world' cardio. This is why I like to eat slices of pizza when I'm on the treadmill. That carries over to my real life. Eating pizza is much less difficult than it used to be.

Seriously though, I wouldn't have been able to be on one of the treadmills next to her without laughing, which would have caused me to fall off and made for an even funnier video.


that was awesome