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“Luckily for us, it (Nolvadex) has estrogenic effects on the bones meaning it increases their density.”
Anthony Roberts
in his article “PCT”

I think this is a difficult question, but do any vets have some knowledge to offer?

Nolvadex increases density but does it cause prematuration of growth plates? Afterall, Nolvadex itself can’t produce estrogen- but “estrogenic effects”?. Just a bit confused.

(Please excuse the title, I’m feeling creative today)


I think you will find that Anthony Roberts isnt thought of that highly on this board and neither are his theories.

Nolva and Clomid are Estrogenic in some tissue and estrogen antagonists in other tissues, like breast tissue. As for the bones I do not know what “prematuration” means. If you google Nolva estrogen antagonist agonist i bet you find your answer with regard to bones without to much trouble.

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