nolvadex dosage? Alternatives?

Whats the recommended dosage for nolvadex? I have began noticing a formation of a gyno, so before i go to the doctor and get a prescribtion i would like to know what dosage you guys would recomend. Just to make sure the doc gives me enough.

Secondly are there any over the counter alternative herb they may help block estrogen? For example saw plametto blocks DHT to a certain extend, is there anything you know of that does the same for estrogen?

Thanks in advnace.

If you are using steroids that aromatise, there are no herbs that are potent enough to make any difference. As for A nolvadex dossage, since you have already began develping gyno, I recomend 40mg per day - one pill (20mg) taken in the morning when you wake up i.e
7 AM and one pill taken 12 hours later in the evening i.e 7 pm. If you can however I really recomend you get letrozole (femara) - taken at 2.5 mg per day, it is extremely effective at preventing and settling gyno.

I might be wrong, but I don’t think your doctor will give you a prescription for Nolvadex unless you’re a woman with breast cancer. The consensus seems to be that doctors are less than sympathetic with guys who get gyno due to PH or AAS usage.

However, Formestane, which is a suicide aromatase inhibitor, should do the trick if you catch it early enough. I would order a bottle or e-form from 1fast400 and start out at around 200mg daily. You can buy Nolva online, but while you’re waiting for that to arrive (most places say to allow 2-4 weeks for delivery) the e-form should be effective in stopping the gyno from progressing.

P22 is an expert on this, so I am not disagreeing with him, but I will tell you that if you use low dosages of AAS (say, 600 mg of test per week) you can get by on 1/2 pill (10mg) of nolva per day. Nolva also has two other advantages - some studies show it is better than clomid in stimulating natural test production, and (a big one) it increases your HDL’s (good cholesterol) which is important if you do AAS.

Thanks for the advice guys. I will go to the doc on monday and try to get letrozole (femara) 2.5mg instead.

Another question. Is there a topical solution you can apply directly on the skin above the gyno to stop aromataization?

No! Get the Femara and the Nolva. You need the Nolva to arrest your current case of gyno. It doesn’t go away. Stop it now with the 40mg daily dose.

By the way, I wouldn’t hang my hat on oral formastane. The physicians treating breast cancer did’nt. Here’s a quote from the British Keele University drug database.

“Oral formestane does not suppress aromatase to the same degree as parenteral treatment. Administration is therefore by depot intramuscular injection given every two weeks.”

I’ve never heard of a topical anti-aromatase.

Katphan, I believe that you can get by on 1/2 tab for 600mg test, but others have varying sensitivity. Thus, it may be better in this case to over rather than underestimate.

I second the 20-40mg Nolva/day idea.

Yes Katphan 10 mg / day will suffice as long as you don’t have any gyno to begin with. Once the glands have become swollen -and a knot has formed the are becomes MUCH more sensitive to even a little bit of estrogen. That is why I recomend going with 40mg per day to begin with. If after the first while the gyno has reduced in size or gone away then the person could consider reducing the dose. Myself personally however has had to run 40mg per day even when not using testosterone!

As far as a topical sollution, some companies on the internet sell these, They are essencially andro products which work by downregulating the ER (do a google search: keyword: gynocomastia). They are expensive and you may need a Dr.'s note to get a prescription, And I question just how effective these products would actually be. If you can’t get a prescription for the femara from your GP, your other option would be to try a liquid product… pm me if you need more details - P-22

but if you start your anti-e (ie. nolvadex) as soon as possible, you will further prevent the lump from getting bigger.
once you stop your cycle, if the lump is tiny, and your lucky, it may go down a tiny bit.

my 2 cents