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No FSH or LH - hCG and Tamoxifen

29 yr old male - in January 2020 my FSH and LH were within normal ranges and testosterone low. At that time the endo had me on 20mg tamoxifen for 6 months.

In February 2020 he added 250iu hCG EOD with 20mg tamoxifen. I had blood work done today and it showed free testosterone within range but non-existent LH and FSH.

I’ve had SA’s done Jan/March (while on 20mg tamoxifen) and they came back good volume, concentration, motility. After being on hCG and tamoxifen together the results in May/June showed lower numbers in terms of motility and concentration.

I also have left varicocele (absolute winner -
but being looked at by urologist)

What would be causing the LH and FSH to crash?

So, you have answered your own question. It makes zero sense to take these two together. You are unlikely to produce LH when injecting and LH analogue into your system EOD.

Ahh, should I drop the tamoxifen and continue with the hCG? He has me on a fertility protocol (currently trying to convince) at the moment.

The tamoxifen isn’t doing anything, so why take it? Maybe up the HCG if anything, but no sense in taking and the tamox together.

Ah gotcha. Now knowing the LH would be suppressed during hCG administration; will it return to normal levels once I get off of hCG?


Oh ok.

HCG mimics LH but doesn’t increase either LH or FSH, HCG also suppresses the HPTA (LH and FSH). If you want to increase FSH, you need FSH injections. Through a retail pharmacy you will pay a small fortune for FSH, compounding pharmacy’s are a great deal cheaper.

Thank you for the reply. That makes sense, I do have an appointment upcoming with my endo. I will ask about hMG w/ hCG. I just hope levels can normalize once I get off all of this.