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No fear

I have noticed a lot of peeople seem scared to experiment with there nurition plan, and I would like to offer some support for thos who are out there. I think one of the main keys in this game is finding out what works best for you, especially in regards to your nutritional habits. I once was afraid to change anything about my eating, but with some sound info and support, I not only made proper changes, but have mad some good gains due to those changes. As a matter of fact I am going to begin adding more calories, not trying to bulk or anything, but I just want more mass, and I am not afraid to eat to get it, hey if my abs start to dissapear then I know I need to vut back, but if I see mountanous amounts of muscle coming on with little to no fat gain they hey its all good. I guess what I really want to say is that dont be afraid to try something new, or add calories, for all you know this could be your key to those huge amounts of LBM you are seeking.