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New Workout

Hey all. Hope everyone had a nice New Years. Anyway, sorry to post another “what do you think of my workout” post, but I am gonna do it anyway.

By way of intro, since I don’t post here too much, I am 38 (b-day coming up, though), and have been working out for 20 years. About 2 years ago I was training in jiu jitsu and aggravated a shoulder injury that I had had since high school. End result - surgery. I have been able to come back, but over the course of the last couple years due to rehab and life in general, I have not been as committed as I should have been. My goal right now is a 3-day full body routine that I can tweak a little over time, but that won’t need much change. Current goals are simply body comp related (the old “look good nekkid” thing).

The basic idea of the workouts are as follows:

Exercise 1: 5x5
Exercises 2&3: 3x8
Exercise 4: 2x12
Auxiliary (undetermined)

Each day, I will effectively do a leg, chest, back and shoulder exercise. The body part and the actual exercise will be rotated during the week so that a given week might look like this:

Exercise 1: OH Squats (5x5)
Exercise 2: Incline Bench (3x8)
Exercise 3: Pull-ups (3x8)
Exercise 4: Seated Rows (2x12)

Exercise 1: Flat Bench (5x5)
Exercise 2: Deadlifts (3x8)
Exercise 3: Military (3x8)
Exercise 4: Standing Rows (2x12)

Exercise 1: Bent over BB Rows (5x5)
Exercise 2: One arm Snatch (3x8)
Exercise 3: Decline Benck (3x8)
Exercise 4: Lunges (2x12)

And so on…

The idea being that over the course of 1-2 weeks, I work every body part in every rep scheme. So, there is rep periodization and also exercise rotation. Additionally, the rep scheme appeals to me because it allows me to gear up for the big 5x5 and then slowly ease down to the 2x12’s.

Anyway, it isn’t perfect, and I have only done it for a week, but it seems to have most of the elements I think I am looking for. Any insights or other thoughts would be great.


how are your core muscles?,abs, back,
I would throw in with each workout a ab exercise and a back exercise, on top of what you are doing. ball crunches are good for the abs and db squats to an overhead press these work great for me.

Start out light and work from there. But your overall WO seems pretty good. Try it and see what is working and go from there. But I’m a believer that strong core muscles are the key to lifting safely.


I like the structure a lot…It’s sort of similar to a program Mike Robertson put together awhile back for another site…

I think there’s a lot of validity in training along a resistance continuum like this…many successful lifters in different areas of strength sport have done this for a long time. And using full-body workouts is the most foolproof way to organize a program…looks good.

I hope you’ll update us periodically on how it goes.

Thanks all for the comments…

I will try to update in a few weeks on progress.