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New Spidey


For all the geeks...

Spidey just had a big "status-altering" story-line called The Other, which was basically a lot of sound and fury, signifying jack-shit.

The one thing that did come out of it was Pete's got anew costume, designed b his new BFF, Tony Stark. (Spidey's in the Avengers now.)

What does everyone think?


It's novel, but I think it'll be something sort of like the Scarlett Spider story line was like. And then end up being tossed. But hey maybe they can run with it and make it pretty cool.

I prefer the same ol' spidey costume.

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I think I am amazed that comic has been out for so long and not only managed to maintain its core fan base, but to grab onto a whole new generation of kids. I see nothing wrong with it. Change is good as long as they keep the basic character the same. I had casually read he was in the Avengers even though I don't really read comics. I bought that video game from Marvel for my PSP and they talked about it more. I think it's cool and that kids may start reading again.


Has a slight resemblance to Carnage.



Wow, I haven't read Spider-Man, or any comics, since the whole clone saga.

I don't actually like it much, but I think stuff like this needs to be done once in a while to keep the stories and the character fresh.

I see costume changes sort of like uniform changes on sports teams. Not long after the switch, the old, retro uniforms become hot again. I believe this is especially the case with the bigger name heroes -- Spider-Man and Superman. They might change costumes for a while, but eventually they will back to their classic garbs.


What are the 3 spikey metal looking things.

Didnt they change Superman into electricity or something and it sucked so bad they turned him back?