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New species of ape or hybrid found


In the congo, hundreds of miles from where the nearest gorillas and chimps live.


There aren't too many pictures yet, but they have some. They also have a skull and shit.

"Some people call them 'lion eaters' because they are so big," Williams said.

"Years ago, she was driving an old truck and one of these apes walked by in front of her. It was walking bipedally (upright) and was taller than her, and she's six feet tall," Williams said.


I read that article, and it's pretty interesting, but my question is, how did the woman know the ape/chimp/monkey thing was taller than her if she was sitting in her truck? :slight_smile:

I have a feeling these creatures are of the species Patricus Ewingus.


God, will these people stop breeding with apes? What an embarrassment lol.