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New Bench Regimen?


i recently started weight lifting again after spending the entire summer out of it. while i was out, i did pushups and pullups and dips. thats it. when i came back, my bench had increased 90 lbs to about 270 and my pullups had increased to 26 and my dips increased to 35.

now, however, im lost as to how to increase my bench. it seems i cant get the correct workout down. anyone have any suggestions as to what i should do? any input is appreciated. my goal is to pass 300 lb bench by the time lacrosse season starts in march. please help and thanks.


CW's 10x3 works wonders for my bench press. There's lots of bench press threads on here, do a search and see if you find something you like.


Work your legs.


Work your triceps and lats.

Rotate exercise every 3 weeks. As you experienced, you don't need to just do bench press to be good at them.

If your bench is stuck, rotate it with, Military Press, Close Grip Bench Press, Incline/Decline.

Hope this helps,



If your going heavy all the time now, I would back off a bit and start working some speed bench.


I would start to look at the bigger picture that is if you don?t want to run into injury problems in the future. To much benching without working the opposing muscle groups will eventually present problems (Rotator cuff problems rounding of the shoulders etc) which can then halt the progress of pressing movements altogether. Working the opposing muscle groups (pull movements) more with some rotator cuff work thrown in will make a huge difference to your bench press.

Hope that makes sense