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Neural Therapy/Trigger Point Shots?


I have had problems with my elbow for close to a year now. Its tendonitis and I had a cortisone shot early this year which helped for about 1 1/2 months. Next week I am scheduled to have a trigger point shot with lidocaine. Does this treatment have the same effect as a cortisone shot?(does it mask the pain or help correct the problem) If so would this count as one of my 3 cortisone shots? I have heard of people getting these shots without the lidocaine- what is its purpose, is it solely a pain killer?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Hey Panther,

The lidocaine shots will actually open up the cell membrane and change the neural tone of the injection site; it will break up adhesions in muscle and change the electric resonance of the cells.
Healthy tissue resonates at around 75 ohms, and scar tissue at 135ohms. Lidocaine injections will help that tissue return to its normal electrical state: now you have improved neural tone. If you have scars, a good neural therapist will inject those directly.

Ask your therapist about procaine vs. lidocaine, as lidocaine has to be broken down by the liver, and is a carcinogen.

Go to the neural therapy academy website to find someone who has taken the courses. Simple lidocaine injections into the muscle are good, but that's only trigger point therapy, about 1/5 of what a good neural therapist can actually do for you.

A good neural therapist will prevent you from needing cortisone injections. Better than cortisone injections are what's called Prolotherapy. A dextrose injection to increase connective tissue integrity. They often work hand in hand with Neural Therapists.

I hope you feel better soon Dude.