need help with HST program

Hi everyone.

I’ve been training for about 6 months and have recently hit a plateau. I just started a HST program on tuesday, and am still sore on thursday. My question is, is this normal? and should i do my workout today even though my muscles are still sore from tuesday?

Although this post would be best at bryan’s site I’ll try and answer it.

the main principle behind HST is that training multiplt times during a week does not inhibit the regeneration and growth of tissue, therefore as bryan says, as long as the pain is not caused by damage (i.e. you’re not injured) then go ahead and train.

I guess by the fact that you just started it that you are doing the 15’s so you probably will be sore at first but it’ll get better.

In short, yes, work out.

Yeah, you should work out today.
On programs like HST(Dual Factor Training/Anti-BB) it is told to work through soreness. It will eventually fade away.

Awesome, thanks alot guys :slight_smile: