Need Help with a 2-Day/Weekend Lifting Routine

I would like to set up a 2-day split that I can do on the weekends. I have a great 3-day split that I’ve seen some really good gains with, but with my job I’m finding it harder and harder to lift 3 times a day, due to the fact that we travel on the weekdays and there isn’t a gym around there.

I pour concrete, so my job is pretty strenuous the way it is, and I’d rather not lift after work anyways, seeings as my shoulders, back, arms, and legs are pretty beat up the way it is. So if I could get some help just setting up something I can do on the weekend to maintain would be great.

if youre only going to be working out 2 days a week your best bet would probably be an upper lower split id think. Im no expert but that would be my opinion.

If you can devote just one day during the week to lift, and then save a second day of lifting for the weekend, then you can try this program:

Well until freeze up, I really can only lift on the weekends. Once the snow comes I can go back to my 3-day no problem. But until then, I need a 2 day for the weekend.

Would this work.

Chest/Back/Arms on Saturday
Legs/Shoulders on Sunday

Or Chest/Legs and Shoulders/Back/Arms

[quote]howie424 wrote:
Or Chest/Legs and Shoulders/Back/Arms[/quote]

I dont see how you expect to do chest on saturday and shoulders and triceps 24 hours later. I say if you are absolutely only able to lift on the weekends, go with an upper/lower split.

Two split. Legs followed by push+pull. That’s how I train nowadays;

Mon Legs
Tue Push/pull
Wed Rest
Thu Legs
Fri Push/pull
Sat Rest
Sun Rest

Works perfectly fine for me. Sure the frequency is twice as high but you could just slap on extra sets or just bash the intensity to eyeball-exploding levels (seeing as you’re hitting 1x/week/group).