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Need Comments or Critique on Diet


Ok guys I want your opinion on this. I hit the weigths hard and try to get 1 gram per pound during the year?but when it comes time to cut..which I have been doing for 2 months I sometimes prob eat less than I should. Here is a sample of what I eat during a regular cutting day?I am sure I am not eating enough even though my object is to cut. I am 6 ft 180 pounds now at 9.7% bf?when I started I was 190 at about 13.4% bf. Been lifting for 12 yrs. Here is a average cutting day.


Peanut Butter with some crackers and protein bar.

Mid morning snack banana or another protein bar.

Lunch is normally something like Subway 6 inch sub double meat. Or sometimes I will eat 2 or 3 junior hamburgers from fast food?no frys.

Snack again is protein bar for mid afternoon.

Supper is steak and chicken breast or some lean meat with carbs and low fat.

Maybe a 8 oz glass of milk before bed or somekind of healthy snack.

I average around prob 1800 calories a day?which is prob to low for me. But with the exception of my hitting the gym 4 days a week?I sit at a computer all day.

Any thoughts?


read John Berardi's nutrition articles.

you kind of have it way wrong in almost every aspect.

By the way protein bars.. probably one of the most bullshit things you could ever eat in terms of how they are advertized. They usually have useless carbs in them, and sugar alcohols cannot be disregarded.

The only protein bars i've seen worth half a damn are some of the new atkins advantage bars. They have no sugar alcohols, lots of fiber, and the only downside is they use soy protein =((.


Stop with the fucking protein bars. You almost live off that shit apparently.

You have 0 veggies and MAYBE a little fruit (if you don't have a proteinbar instead). Add in more REAL food.

Steak, eggs, chicken, turkey breast, lean ground meats, cottage cheese for protein.

Get in some fish/flax/olive oil as well for your good fats.

Carbs, mainly fruits and veggies and some oatmeal in the morning and then after workout have your higher GI PWO shake.

EAT MORE DAMN VEGGIES. It is seriously a gold mine to being leaner and healthier IMO.

And since when has eating 3 fast food burgers ever made anyone get leaner?

Oh and I would go more than 1800 cals/day unless you have the metabolism of a new born girl.


One more opinion that agrees with the above posts: where are your damn vegetables?

Now to help you start reading from Dr. Berardi's articles, here is the link to one of his most important:


Also read from Dr. Lowrey and David Barr.


Thanks for reply guys. Ok so maybe I have it all wrong..so thanks for the article.

As for the burgers..yeah fast food sucks sometimes but hey its a total of 840 calories, 27 grams of fat, 108 carbs and 42 grams of protein..so its not fucking terrible.

I appreciate all the feedback...if you dont mind cuss a little more though mother fucker!