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Need an Easy to Digest Meal

Gentleman, I just spent the last 24 hours puking my guts out. I’ve got zero nutrients in my system right now. I think I can handle some food now but I’m ncredibly weak. Like hard to get out of bed to piss weak. I need an easy to prepare easy to DIGEST meal to jump start me. thank you.


Ginger ale.

Seen a doctor?

cambells chicken noodle soup. lol…actually anything with sodium and drink water…should give you a little jump start so you can drive to the doctor. lol


banana and protein shake… that way if it comes back up it will be nice and easy. No food chunks… Good luck!

Take 4 shots of whiskey. Choke 'em down if you have to, but you will thank me, then order some Metabolic Drive. While you are waiting for the Metabolic Drive to arrive you can visit the nearest dollar store (strip club).

Thats what I’d do anyways.

thanks guys.

i went with soup and tea first. I got down the whole bowl and glass and its setling as i type…we’ll see how it goes.

Actually, not to bash Metabolic Drive but it is not technically an ‘easy to digest’ meal; casein protein is some of the toughest on the gut.

BRAT: Bananas, Rice, Apple sauce, Toast (bread)

Rice itself is incredibly benign. Need protein? Try a few egg whites or a little bit of grilled, unseasoned chicken.

Ginger tea is also good for nausea and digestion issues. Works every time for me.

ginger tea…never tried it.

thanks all.

I feel much better.

i’ll be going back to the gym tommorow.

thanx again


shake - fruit/protein/fishoil