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Natural Protein Sources


I got a dilemma.

My family doesn't approve of supps, so when I go home for holidays, it screws me over. No whey, no casein. No casein is not a big deal.. I'll just eat meat and cottage cheese. But what natural protein sources (or eating plan) would people suggest for when I workout without any whey? Are there any foods naturally high in whey? Are egg whites fast enough? Milk? Should I eat a relatively large protein meal pre workout as opposed to post?



Chocolate milk pre-workout and post-workout is definetly the way to go.

Eggs, tuna, milk if you can tolerate it, and any meat are all good.

Train hard,



All things that move under their own power be it land air or water, and or make noise.

That will have you covered.


I was in a similar dilemma at one time(more because of finacial reasons) and practically lived off egg whites and tuna cans. Supplements make things a whole lot easier but they aren't nescessary to make gains. During that 2 month period I still gained 4 pounds.(not great but it was something) As long as you are still getting a P + C meal right after you workout you should be okay.

One thing that might be of interest to you is an article John Berardi wrote, its basically a letter to parents about supplements:


Hope this helps.



Good one. Or.

If had feathers, fur, or fins. Or.

If it came from something that had a heart when it was alive,



Of the non land/sea/air moving varieties....
Not too bad sources also are; almonds, yogurt, tofu, wholewheat multigrain bread, peanut butter, potatoes, bulgor, kidney beans, navy beans, and pasta.


MMM! Tuna Omelet. You can trick people with stuff like that. So tasty they don't even think it's good for them.


Thanks for all the advice! I was planning to bulk anyways, so I guess I will stick to "holiday eating" where I normally eat tons of meat and fish. And add on the choc milk. I'm on my parent's budget :slightly_smiling: anyways.



This has happened to me once. I went to my parents house for christmas and I lived off of chicken, tuna cans,and milk.Literaly.Lmao.


Eating some protein before you workout should help - I remembered hearing that you only need a small amount of pre-workout protein to boost protein synthesis, so you shouldn't need to eat much of it.

I googled and found a page that references a study showing that only 6 grams of essential amino acids are required pre-workout to increase protein sythesis. The article is selling something, but the principle should still apply to any protein meal - and it doesn't need to be a large meal that will interfere with your workout.