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National Championship

No its probably not the National Championship you were thinking. Tomorrow my cheerleading squad travels to Orlando to compete for the UCA DII National Championship. Weve got the rountine to win, we just have to execute. Hopefully I can bring home Testosterones first national championship. Im gonna wear my Testosterone T-Shirt when ESPN interviews us. Wish us luck!

Good luck bro! You guys are going to rock. Tear it up in Jamlando, wear your Testosterone T-shirt and represent T-men everywhere! And give Leah some love for me! :wink:

What time is ESPN televising it? Good luck.

Gold: I know they USUALLY don’t broadcast these Championships live. If not…keep us updated on the broadcast! GOOD LUCK!!!

They arent going to televise it for a couple of months. they are going to let us know when it is.

You’re a cheerleader?

Goldberg, man, I didn’t see this until too late! Good luck, throw high, and kick ass!

What enjoyment do you get out of being a cheerleader? I had a friend that did it, and one of my best friends Dad did it. I don’t have anything against it really, but I don’t understand how any enjoyment could be derived from it?

You don’t see the enjoyment you’d get from being able to do back flips and other stunts? Or how it would help with your strength training and flexibility? And most importantly, working with hot little cheerleader females? And having your hands up their skirts and all over their ass?? That’s enjoyment enough for me right there!

I guess if there was no update you guys lost, the whole idea of “tetosterones first championship” being for the best pom-poms is REAL funny!!!

Well, I see the enjoyment of fondling cheerleaders. I’m taking that one step further and about to bone one…and I did that without ever being a cheerleader dude. Doing a back flip would be cool. I could be like Ozzie Smith! I was glad he got into the hall of fame. He was one of my idols in baseball growing up. Any other “Wiz” fans out there?

We got third. It was the biggest crock of shit ever. Delta State got second and West Georgia got first. West Ga had a simple pussy ass routine. For those of you that know about cheerleading ill tell you our routine. Opening stunts-6 fullup libs pop off back up to arabesque, full down. Next we did the first fullup flat back ever in cheerleading competetion. next toss cupies pop off back up to hands, flip the girl upside down to our thighs, back up to stretch, double down. next squad back tucks. then the cheer which had a 221 and a basket. next was a pyramid that i cant really explain. you have to see it. then three double full baskets. the ending pyramid was a stag. the girl falls off. the toe pitchers flip her upside down and throw her into a handstand on an A mount. then she flips over onto her feet. We hit everything. we came off the floor and one of the morehead parents that were sitting behind our parents said, they just won themselves a national championship. After Delta State performed, their coach came up to ours and told us congradulations on our win. When they announced the awards and we heard third place, most of us walked off the floor. We all walked outside pissed off and about 4 of the Delta guys walked out and told us that we got robbed. then when we walked out Morehead, who won the D1 title, told us we were screwed. Everybody we saw that night told us that it was wrong. Everybody will see it for themselves when its televised. Its the most difficult thing ive ever delt with. I mean west ga had a straight up swedish falls. Thats easy as hell. we did that on our first day of practice. They didnt have squad back tucks. all of their fullup libs had to be pressed up. they did one arm stretches but they had spotters helping. Later that night UCF hit their routine and Kentucky dropped a girl flat on their face. Kentucky still won. Its so fucking political that its ridiculous. Its ok though. we got some awesome girls coming in next year and some big guys who can stunt. They are going to get fucked up next year.