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Name These Three


i think i know who these guys are but can anyone tell me for sure. from left to right (i think):

Richard Zednik, Saku Koivu(known), Mike Ribeiro.


Yeah, you got it right, and props for your avatar picture, best defenceman this year for my beloved habs along with Markov.


zednik and koivu are pretty dang good players.


Bouillon kicks ass. He has good physical specs aswell at 5' 8'' and weighing in at like nearly 200lbs, that's one big bastard.


Can't forget Alex Kovalev though. And the newbies are lookin pretty good too - i keep forgettin their names.


Higgins, Plekanec, Perezhogin


Ryder is their best forward IMO...you get many Canadiens games down there in England?


We're in for the cup, I say :smiley:


We can get a few of the games but not many...i mostly have to check the website.

I also gotta admit, depsite what he did, Todd Bertuzzi is a damn good forward with some very cool looking goals under his belt.


You musn't watch very much hockey. Habs fans are so delusional. By no means do these players play for my fav. team, but;


are all, and will always be better than ryder or ribero or kovalev. How can you cheer for a team that boo'd Koivu anyways when he was comming back from cancer. Heartless just like the Senators.


To this point, and its still early, Steve Begin has been the habs MVP, no doubt about it , a bunch of game
winning goals and other clutch plays.


I'd say all those forwards are better than Ryder except for Crosby (not yet anyway) and who the F@#k is gange?

Heartless Senators? They're going to crush everyone this year now that teams like Toronto can't hook and hold their way to victory.

Edit: Ah, I see you meant Gagne.


thats a damn running back lol


GO CANUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ha, I feel sorry for you guys having Cloutier, kind of like the situation the Sens were in last year with Lalime. Great team, mediocre goalie.


I agree that Ryder has skill, and is one of the Habs' better players, but cmon man Crosby is much better, his vision (14 assists) and his prowess are unparalleled for a rookie. He'd have alot more points if he had better linemates, I'm willing to bet you a dollar that he doubles Ryder's point total this year, hands down.

and yes, typo, I meant gagne.


What does everyone else think about Todd Bertuzzi? It was a bit cruel that he got booed for like the entire game when he first came back after his ban. You can't deny that his best goals have been pretty cool.


Yeah Cloutier aint that great but if Auld steps up we'll be kicking ass. With defencemen like Ohlund and Jovo, who really needs a great goalie?

I support Burt, but I don't blame the avs fans for booing. I mean he did break a dude's neck.



I dont think so pal, clearly the habs are bringin it home this year...where it belongs after more than a decade


When Burt gets back his old style and skill, that line will be unstoppable. I think Ottawa has a better chance than Montreal. You guys do have a wicked team this year though. That Boston game was some of the best hockey I've ever seen.