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My Off-Season PLing Program


I recently participated in my second meet using Mike Tushcerer's "Generalized Intermediate Program" as my meet prep, to great success.

After my first meet, I did the 5/3/1 Boring but Big 3 Month Challenge, to varying degrees of success.

This time around, I decided to try my own programming for a bit, since my next slated meet won't be til April most likely.

It is 5/3/1 inspired (did vanilla 5/3/1 triumvirate for two years, and peaked for my first meet with 5/3/1 for Powerlifters) with some rpe flavor thrown in on main work instead of %s.

My goals are to primarily gain a bit of lean mass, improve strength, let my body rest from pure strength work, and work some lifts that I enjoy but haven't done in a while.

Day 1:
A1 Shoulder Press - work up to 3-5 @8, a few repeats
A2 Chin Ups - 3-5 @8
B1 Dips or CloseGripBench - 4x8
B2 Straight or EZ Bar Curls - 4x8
C1 Front Db Raise - 3x10
C2 Leaning Lateral Raise - 3x10
C3 Face Pulls - 4x20

Day 2:
A1 Deads - work up to 3-5 @8, a few repeats
A2 Front Squats - 5x5
B1 Glute Hip Thrusts - 4x10
C1 Split Squats - 3x12
C2 Hanging Leg Raises - 3x12

Day 3:
A1 Bench - work up to 3-5 @8, a few repeats
A2 Bent Over Row - 3-5 @8
B1 Pull Up - 4x8
B2 DB Bench - 4x8
C1 Cable Crossovers - 3x15
C2 Rear Cable Dealt Row 3x15

Day 4:
A1 Squats - work up to 3-5 @8, a few repeats
B1 Stiff Leg Dead lifts - 5x8
C1 Step Ups - 4x10
D1 Pallof Presses - 3x5x10second holds
D2 An Wheel - 4x12

Prowlers and farmers walks will be thrown in on occasion.

What are your thoughts?


Looks fine to me, I know you said you want to work things you enjoy which is good but I always let exercises I enjoy take a backseat to ones I need to be doing. But the layout you have is a pretty standard one for an intermediate lifter trying to bring his numbers up. Simple things like heavy stiff leg deadlifts and ssb pause squats have really done a lot of positive things for my squat/DL. Finding what works best for you is important, and enjoying it is nearly as important because people will rarely do a movement that they don’t enjoy.


Main lifts are the priority. Accessory work is whatever helps you w/ the main lift (if its even necessary, another discussion). Practice good form. Don’t over do the accessory work.


Thanks for the feedback cparker and osu122975! As my training continues, I’ll be sure to assess how the accessories strengthen my movement, and switch them out as needed. I definitely am more interested ultimately in what brings my core lifts up over what lifts I enjoy doing.