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My First Cycle


Alright my first post here..

I plan on running Epistane with Reversitol starting july...

I'll be running epi at 20/30/30/40 (mild) with cycle support and L-taurine

For my pct I'll just be taking I-force's reversitol.. not sure if I should order some hawthorne/ thistle for pct? I doubt it..

Other sups on my cycle:

Greens + multi
Creatine mono
Whey iso

I'm 18 turning 19 shortly.. I'm 5'6" 160lbs


Oh man don't do Steroids what's the rush? You're still young like me. Plus you're quite light so there's no real need to do Steroids yet is there?


to be honest I want to hit 170 before college starts in september, that's basically my rush


You want to do this cycle to gain 10 pounds before college starts. Now this is a new one. I know you wont listen to this, but its better you keep doing what you've done in the past. You have plenty of time for gear once you've hit your genetic potential.



Get some real pct if you want to do it right. Read the SERM AI sticky.


Dont do it so young man you risk screwing up your hormones for a long time. I did my first cycle at 21 Test C/500mg week for 8 weeks. It was good but I wish I had waited..


I honestly thought I would be fine with reversitol...


I hope this means that you've read the appropriate thread and realized the mistake you could have made.

If not
Then honestly, what makes you think you know more than people much older with much more experience. If you wrote the above statement to mean that you don't think you need a SERM based PCT after using steroids than you're going to do yourself some harm due to lack of education.

18 year olds should not be using steroids. It's a very simple concept.

What the hell is 'reversitol' anyway?


  1. when did I say I know more than others?
  2. I have been told I don't need an active SERM with epi, it's a mild cycle
  3. Lack of education? you don't even know what product I'm talking about for my PCT
  4. 4 months till 19 not that it matters...



Which is why I asked what you meant about your above post. You don't have to explicity say something. Your post implies that you don't think you need to listen to people in this forum of whom youre asking for advice.

Apparently my second assumption about the nature of your post was correct. After someone told you to read the SERM/AI sticky you disregarded the advice and proceeded to state that you still thought reversitol is ok for PCT after using AAS.

What is a mild cycle? What does that even mean? Explain
If you are shutdown, which you will be from epistane, you need proper PCT.

Yes you are right, I didn't take the time to look into 'reversitol'. Simply because I am not interested in bullshit supplements at this point in my lifting career. If it was good/worth the money I'd have heard of it.

You're right it doesn't matter whether it's 4 months or 12 months, because 19 is still too young. But you felt the need to add something that even you considered irrelevant.


epistane is a mild designer steroid, odds of shutdown are VERY unlikely, theres no harm in someone under the age of 21 using aas/ph/ds aslong as they know what they're doing, if you would like to prove me wrong then show me some info and accounts of where kids have screwed themselves up whilst taking corrext precautions



Oh okay. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Why should I bother proving you wrong? It's already a lost cause.

Go do your cycle. Have a blast.


k bro


Could the mods create a "Crap Cycles" forum to which posts of that sort could be moved?

I suppose it's completely legitimate for people to want to talk about how to use crap, and oral-only cycles, methylated "designer" steroids (read, compounds that no pharmaceutical company ever wanted to put out) etc but it would be convenient for such discussions to be in their own place.


Hah ;D BONEZ i'm there with you, this OP guy is a freakin' joke...