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My brackets...they suck

Brent: 6 games? They haven’t loss this year! Last loss was in late December.

Cross: That’s terrible man. I’ve never heard anyone say that. Yes, I like the NBA, but compared to college ball? No way man. Join the Cats. We’ll be happy to take you in.

pooh - figured somebody would yell at me for that, but the NBA is where it’s at these days (I guess it’s easy to feel that way when you are a Kings fan though).

I’m in with 5 different brackets, but my Final Four picks are pretty consistent: KY out of the Midwest and AZ out of the West in all my brackets. Maryland out of the South in almost all my brackets (Texas in one of them); Syracuse or OK out of the East.


That was my point but I didn’t convey it correctly, I guess. Let me reitterate.

I don’t like picking teams that have long winning streaks going into the tournament. Kentucky has a 20+ game winning streak, I believe. Now, I realize the tournament is only 6 games long and it doesn’t matter what happened in the previous games, but I just have trouble picking somone who has won so many in a row. It’s like if you keep flipping a coin and it’s been heads 20 times in a row. You know it still has the same odds of being heads on the next flip but it just feels like it should be tails (i.e. a loss somewhere).

Kentucky, Kansas, Texas, Syracuse

Syracuse vs. Kentucky in the final.

National Champ - Kentucky


That’s the sum of pooh’s fears. :frowning:

I’m pretty surprised everyone is so high on Syracuse. I think they’ll shit the bed early on.

Ala Kramer in the contest…I’m out. Fuckin’ Dayton.

Check it out fellas. 3 of the 4 finalists. If Kansas tops Texas in the championship game and the total they score is over 151, I be winning about 1000 dollars. Not that I condone betting of any kind.

Good job Brent. I, however, am one humbled fan.